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The vocabulary tool with no rival, no equal, and no competition is the greatest force multiplier for teachers. Force multipliers are tools that amplify effort to produce more output. Teachers who invest 10-15 minutes/day using Verbocity reap huge learning gains in 3 different areas.

Vocabulary - Students learn words up to 20 times faster. Verbocity eliminates the gap between vocabulary haves and have-nots.

Writing - Students write thousands of vocabulary sentences. As a writing tool, Verbocity turns even reluctant writers into skilled wordsmiths.

Reading - Word lists targeted to teacher specific reading assignments. Reading comprehension skyrockets when students know the precise meaning of every word they read.

Students prefer learning online. In practice, 80% - 90% of Verbocity use takes place outside of school hours.

When it comes to maximizing learning, Verbocity is the force multiplier that enables teachers to be far more efficient and achieve results unattainable by conventional methods.

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